60th Birthday Bash

Please let us know if you are planning to attend the

"Party Like You're 60"

bash on October 25th, 2014.  Your answer is not etched in stone.  If you aren't sure, but might come, just select that option.  But don't worry if you change your mind after making a choice.  We are only trying to get an idea of how many folks might attend so we can plan the food.  If you didn't thnk you could make it but suddenly can, come on down!  There'll be pelenty for everyone.  

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1)   Will you be attending the 60th Birthday Party on October 25th 2014?

  Still pondering
2)   If attending, including yourself, how many will be in your group. List names if you would like, but not required

3)   Do you have any special thoughts you'd like to share concerning reaching the ripe old age of 60? It doesn't have to be any heavy philosophical dissertation, but it can be if you'd like. We may share these on a page, so please indicate if we may use yours and if so may be attribute it to you or would you prefer it to be anonymous.